Are you ready to advance your career? Do you want to drive your employees towards career advancement?

Your path to becoming the Leader your contact center operation needs starts here.

Brought to you by CCW University, the Future Leaders Certification Program is placing the groundwork for the future growth and success of HIPOs (high-potential managers) who aspire to become Directors, VPs & Chiefs. The Future Leaders Certification Program is formatted to sharpen your skills and equip you with the tools you need for career growth and performance excellence.

A five-module webinar series in September, combined with a live training seminar led by industry experts at CCW Fall, October 17-18, will help you and your team members gain the competencies you require to take your next career step.

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Why CCW University

Name You Can Trust – And Market

You’ll be gaining your certification against the backdrop of the #1 customer experience series in the world; a brand synonymous with a commitment to customer-centricity.

Designed by Actual Customer Experience Executives

Chief Academic Officer Troy Mills and all course advisors have run customer experience functions for major Fortune 500 brands. They have also developed hundreds of future leaders. They know what it takes to succeed!

Pairs Management Skills With Actual CX Insight

It’s not a generic management program. It’s not a front-line customer service training program. CCW University focuses on leading a CX function in today’s customer-centric world.

Invaluable Networking At CCW Fall

Beyond the training courses, you’ll have access to unforgettable keynotes, a front-row seat to innovative new technology, and a chance to network with the most influential executives in the customer management community.

Our “Chief Academic Officer”

Our “Chief Academic Officer”

Troy Mills is a former leader at Walgreens Customer Care Operations. In his role, he was accountable for the strategic direction as well as the service delivery for customer care across the business. Walgreens services over 1 Billion calls annually across its 7800 stores and 25 contact centers. In this role since early 2011, Troy was charged with leading the Customer Care Transformation, which supports the company’s goals to be the leading Health and Wellness company in the country. Troy has over 22 years of experience in Operations, IT and Quality, and is now bringing his experience to CCW University.


People Leadership
Financial Leadership
Operational Excellence
Building for the Future: Technology and Innovation
Executive Engagement and Communication


Phase One

5 one-hour webinars focusing on core contact center, customer experience and leadership competencies

Phase Two

A “Future Leaders Lab” track sessions at CCW Fall, October 16-19 in Austin, TX

Phase Three

A final exam confirming your competency as a high-level customer experience master

Phase Four

Enjoy and leverage your strengthened management skills, heightened career prospects, improved personal network, and better customer experience results