Benefits of Attending


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For Aspiring Leaders

For Existing Executives

Raise Your Career Ceiling
This program puts you on track to become a VP or C-Level Executive

Establish a Succession Plan
As you advance to new roles, ensure your operation will be in capable hands.

Certification That Elevates Your Personal Brand
Confirm your leadership ability – and your commitment to improving. The business world will take notice. 

Keep Your Best & Brightest Employees
By investing in their future, you’ll win the loyalty of high-potential leadership candidates.

Speak the Right Language
Learn how to secure buy-in from customers, employees and key business stakeholders.

Drive Customer Satisfaction
Certified leaders will get the most out of their teams, leading to a better customer experience.

Improve Culture & Performance
You’ll help make your team happier, more loyal and more productive.

Boost Your Call Center ROI
Your managers will think like busniess leaders, leading to optimized process & tech investments.

Lucrative Networking
Your instructors are today’s most powerful customer management leaders; your classmates are the industry’s rising stars.

Optimize Training
Let us handle core competicies so that you can coach on the specifics of your business.

Uncover New Tools, Tactics & Trends
Get a head start on mastering the future of contact center management.

Bring Your Team To CCW
Make the #1 customer experience event an opportunity for your entire team.  As you attend high-level strategy sessions, your rising stars can develop their management skills.

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