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27632.001 people leadership

People Leadership

A. What Changes as you move up?

B. Culture: Building a culture that drives continuous improvement 

C. Core Values: Translating words into behaviors and measurements that impact your customers and employees 

D. From managing to leading:  strategies for empowering and engaging your people leaders

E. Succession Planning:  Creating a successful bench which supports growth and enables change.  identify and develop your “HIPO” successor

27632.001 financial leadership

Financial Leadership

A. What changes as you move up?

B. What does the C-Suite measure? 

C. Translating KPIs into Customer and Business Value

D. Creating the business case for investment 

E. Customers: Understanding the value of each customer

27632.001 operational excellence

Operational Excellence

A. What changes as you move up?

B. Productivity and Quality are NOT mutually exclusive:  Determining the best mix of KPIs to evaluate performance

C. Data Analysis:  How do you organize your data to drive actionable insights about your performance

D. Performance Audit: 

  • Internal  and External evaluation
  • Customer and Client feedback mechanisms
  • Testing the customer experience 
27632.001 technology

Building for the Future: Technology and Innovation

A. What changes as you move up?

B. Creating a strategic roadmap and  communicating the vision

C. Vendor Map:  What do you need?  What do you want?

D. Evaluation:  Setting decision criteria and building a shortlist

E. Accountability: Managing the vendor relationship, performance, and ROI 

27632.001 Engagement

Executive Engagement and Communication

A. What changes as you move up?

B. Cross functional influence and decision making to gain executive buy in

C. Voice of the Customer:  Utilizing customer feedback to gain the support and resources you need 

D. Executive Communications:  Gain competency in speaking the C-level language

E. Executive Presentation:  Understand what the executive level needs to know how to communicate it effectively

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